Test post #2

Please ignore the man behind the curtain: This is a test post.


Is Everyone An Expert?
Beauty is…of itself and by itself in an eternal oneness, while every lovely thing partakes of it.
Plato, 428-348 BCE Πλάτων
The purpose of this piece:
1. Why is it important to define design? (Clients, etc)
2. How has design been regarded through history?
3. Distinction between art and design – to be discussed later but important
4. What are appropriate tools to discuss (assess?) design?
Plato felt that abstract ideas are the purest form of reality. It’s a point of view mostly in conflict with modern thinking. How many of us regard abstract ideas as ‘real’? But, there is this: in our society we are accustomed to posing ‘hypotheticals’ as stand ins for reality, so I suppose that in some ways Plato lives on.
Whenever I have the opportunity that I have here today, I like to talk about the things on my mind. And as I am now engaged in writing a book about design, that is about all I think about.

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